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Back Pain Treatment

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Back pain is known to be one of the common conditions and can affect an individual at any age and that too for different reasons. Back pain can be caused due to arthritis or it can due to a traumatic injury.
As one gets older, the chances of getting back pain also increases. Back pain can range from dull, sharp and severe pain. By proper body mechanics and home treatment, the back pain can be healed. But if you experience severe back pain that lasts for more than a week, then you should visit a back pain specialist. In Hyderabad, Dr. Ajay Tiwari provides the best treatment for back pain that includes medicine, lifestyle management advice and if required the right surgery.

Causes of Back Pain

Your back pain can result from an acute injury or from chronic overuse that leads to arthritis or it can be due to tumour and several other conditions. All these conditions are caused due to some of the lifestyle choices or practices that can make one prone to developing back pain.

    • Poor Posture
    • Advanced Age
    • An accident
    • Being overweight
    • Improper lifting of weight
    • Sitting or standing for long period of time
    • Straining the neck, when driving or using the computer
    • Long driving without a break
    • Sleeping on a mattress that is not supporting the body

Lower back pain is found to be more common in women than in men, because of hormonal factors, Anxiety, stress is also linked to back pain.

How is the back pain diagnosed?

Your doctor will thoroughly examine your back and try to assess your ability to stand, sit and walk and lift your legs. They may counsel you about how well you are functioning with your pain. The various assessments help them to determine where the pain comes from, and also help rule out more serious causes of back pain.

      • X ray – The images will help in showing the alignment of the bones and whether the patient suffers from arthritis or broken bones.
      • MRI or CT scans- These scans reveal herniated disks or the problems one has with muscles, bones, tissue, nerves, ligaments and blood vessels
      • Blood Tests – These tests are for determining whether one has an infection or other conditions that are causing the pain

What are the different kinds of treatments available for back pain?

If you have mild back pain that goes away in a week or so, then you need not worry about it. But if your pain lasts beyond a week, you should visit a doctor and a back pain specialist. The doctor after a proper diagnosis may come up with a proper treatment. If it is a case of orthopaedic abnormality, the treatment would be as per the severity of the condition.
If the back pain is due to arthritis that is in initial stages, your doctor will advise you to reduce weight and ask you to do some muscle strengthening exercises and some basic medicines will be used to prevent further damage. A tumour diagnosed in an initial stage of cancer can be treated with radiation and so is the case with some minor infections that get treated with the course of antibiotics.
It is always better to seek treatment as early as possible. But when the doctor finds the underlying cause of your back pain is quite serious, they may suggest you for surgery.

When is Surgery advised?

Although Dr. Ajay Tiwari greatly supports the tradition treatment for back pain until the surgery is the only option left. Through his diagnosis and assessment, if he finds that your back pain has reached a stage where it is limiting you to move around, then it may have reached the final stages of hip arthritis and a hip replacement surgery may be recommended. The success rate of hip replacement surgeries is very high and patients live a full and contented life after the recovery from it.