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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

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Physiotherapy, which is also known as musculo-skeletal physiotherapy, is basically a science based practice. It generally helps restore normal movement and function of joints, muscles and other soft tissue structures after any illness, injury and disability. We have a team of highly experienced physiotherapists who are specialized in sports and spinal conditions, highly focused on the well being of the patients.

Our major focus is to help provide highly specialized physical rehabilitation program for the patients who suffer from disabilities because of various reasons. The experienced team at our center is responsible for providing both pre operative and post operative physiotherapeutic interventions to patients. We have also a well equipped physical fitness center for exercise and rehabilitation.

At our physiotherapy center, we believe in quality and excellence in patient care and that is what comes to us first and foremost. Our goal is to do the best to our patients so that we can get them back to high level of activity in the minimal amount of time. We also work together with the patient for returning to work or participate in everyday events without having physical limitations or pain. The therapists at our center are trained professionals in the various fields that we cater to.

Our physiotherapists help patients in the following process

  • Make recommendations for self-management
  • A comprehensive examination and assessment of the patient
  • Close evaluation of the findings from the assessment so that clinical judgements could be made
  • Providing consultation to determine the needs of the patients
  • Suggesting a physical therapist treatment programme as per the patient’s requirements
  • Advice and right recommendations for self-management

At our center, we try to follow a holistic approach throughout the process of diagnosis, treatment and care while using proven and latest techniques available. We also provide our patients with a relaxed environment for our patients and ensure them with the best possible care, treatment and right advice which we believe leads to a positive outcome.