Is age a consideration for joint replacement surgery ?

Am I too YOUNG to undergo joint replacement surgery?

Am I too OLD to undergo joint replacement surgery?

Is there any “right” age for a joint replacement surgery?

These questions have no convincing answers. Traditional medical services are rapidly improvising with new treatment techniques, especially for people who are suffering from osteoarthritis and various degenerative knee joint diseases. Even young people are falling prey to different joint diseases in this fast generation due to sedentary lifestyles, lack of physical activity, poor diets, and obesity.

So knee replacement surgery is now a day based on the patient’s pain, discomfort and disability, not age. If your daily activities like sitting, standing, walking, or any other movement that involves your knee is associated with pain or discomfort, consult an orthopaedic knee specialist immediately. 

However, patients who undergo knee replacement surgery are mostly 50 to 80 years, because knee replacement in young patients is rare. Dr. Ajay Tiwari, an Orthopaedic knee specialist in Hyderabad, says every Orthopaedic Surgeon evaluates his patients and provides them with the best treatment option that includes a joint replacement surgery if necessary.

A joint replacement surgery can be either partial knee replacement or total knee replacement which is decided based on the extent of the knee problem.

Ideal people for joint replacement surgery

Various factors such as overall health of the patient, severity of the problem, and extent of disability etc. are considered to decide whether a person is suitable for joint replacement surgery.

In some cases, people with certain bone diseases like osteoporosis may not be a good candidate for joint replacement surgery because the condition makes their bones weak and brittle to support an implant.

Age is a factor for any surgery. When it comes to joint replacement, people of a certain age should meet some norms before considering joint replacement surgery. So every person who wants a joint replacement surgery must be evaluated and then moved further.

The decision to replace a joint is always associated with the right reasons and evaluations. Joint replacement surgery is a final option taken after trying all other alternative treatments. 

A Joint replacement is an exceptional treatment remedy as it helps to regain the lost functions and improves the quality of life regardless of age. If an experienced orthopaedic surgeon does this, no one with a joint problem should have to experience a painful life.

Joint replacement in elderly people

Elderly people are more prone to osteoarthritis of the knee and other joints. In extreme cases, joint replacement is an effective procedure. Hip joint replacement and knee joint replacement are the two most joint replacement surgeries performed in people of age between 55 and 80 years. It is a good option that helps to reduce pain and improves movement and quality of life, especially in elderly

Elderly patients need special care and treatment before and after the joint replacement procedure. Dr. Ajay Tiwari has a team of healthcare professionals who can handle elderly patients with age-related medical conditions. He is an expert knee joint replacement surgeon in Hyderabad with 12+ years of experience as an orthopaedic surgeon.

Elderly patients need to be more careful after surgery for some days. After discharge, they moved to their home and their one should make proper arrangements for movement and other activities.

Elderly age alone is never going to be a contradiction for joint replacement surgery, including knee joint replacement.

Joint replacement in younger People

Surprisingly, being too young might disqualify a person from having joint replacement surgery. Of course, they can undergo replacement if there is no other alternative available, but they need to know some points here.

The prosthetic devices used in joint replacement have a limited lifespan. Moreover, younger people tend to be more active and likely to wear out their implants even sooner. A person who has a joint replacement at a younger age needs to undergo another replacement surgery after 15 – 20 years. This is the reason why doctors advise young people waiting to avoid revision surgery.

Implant failure results in extreme pain and limits the mobility and performance of the affected joint. This is high in younger patients because they involve in strenuous activities which eventually leads to revision surgery.

Very young people are counselled by the orthopedician and explain clearly about their condition and suitable treatment options. In case of joint replacement, they need to know the nature and lifespan of the prosthetic implants and pre-operative & post-operative instructions to follow etc,. Preferably they need to know that revision surgery may be required after a few years.

In general, joint replacements are commonly done in patients above 50 years of age, especially women. Teenagers, young adults, and even children can also have a knee replacement if there is no other option to get rid of pain, recover lost functions, improve mobility & quality of life.

When all the factors are favourable, people of any age group can go for joint replacement surgery. Today, many patients enjoy good health and leading quality life after a knee joint replacement procedure.

If you or your family members or any known friends suffering from knee problems consult Dr. Dr Ajay Kumar Tiwari, Orthopaedic Joint Replacement Surgeon. He utilizes cutting-edge technology to perform joint replacement and various traditional treatments to treat different orthopaedic conditions. For more information call +91 98499 82203 or schedule an appointment.

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